This week, we were assigned a new project. We have to make an edible cell. I really think that we are going to get a good grade on this project. We have the list of things that we need to bring, and we all have an almost equal amount of stuff to buy. We are going to make the cell out of rice krispie treats. I think this is going to make or break my grade in science. So I hope that everyone does what they need to do for our project.
       I  finally understand the functions of the cell, and I know that this will be a good learning experience, now that I can understand what I am working on. The edible cell project has made Chapter 2 SO much more interesting. This lesson has been hard in the beginning, but is finally shaping up in the end. It was hard in the beginning, because I didn't study, but after I did, the concept was much clearer.   

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