Yesterday, I met a girl around my age from Scandinavia, she came to Northern Europe with her grandma and her father. She said she was coming here to learn about other places. I asked her what it was like living in Scandinavia, she told me that she was cold all year long, and their aren't many crops that grow. "Everyday in my house I have to wear coat after coat, and it is very, very cold. " She said, "What is it like living here in Northern Europe?" I hesitated to answer, because I have a quiet, nice life, the weather is fairly mild, and I never go hungry. " Well, the winters can be pretty cold" I said, there was a long pause. "Well, it looks like the crops grow pretty well here, there is plenty of water, and the people seem very nice." She happily replied. "   I didn't want to brag, but she was right. I much rather prefer living here than there. "My grandmother lived in Scandinavia, she said its freezing cold there, we are lucky  compared to her." She said. "Yes, we are. " I replied awkwardly. I know I live in the right place, but she seemed to be insulting me, in my eyes, I mean, I really like where I live. She seemed to be saying that I have the easiest life, but I am a person too. "It doesn't  matter where you live, we all have an equal amount of hardships in our life." I ended the conversation with that.

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