We have a very skeptical predicament. I think we have a problem, and I don't think it can be solved. Today in period 3, it' period 4 now, we had a horrible awakening. Mrs. Poole made a deadline for our zoo projects! A DEADLINE!!! How could she? I didn't want to take any attitude up with her, but I knew that something was up, I was about to raise my hand and ask why, and she said, "I looked at someone's report so far, and there is barely 3 words!" So this is all one person's screw up? This all leads up to Teen Tip #2...NEVER get behind. Some of us are thinkers, well, that's what some people like to call it, at least. Actually, we are procrastinators, we just think and think and think, and think until the night before the deadline.

I used to be a...thinker....I would sit around infront of the TV and "think" about my "project" I found out that that is useless. Procrastination has a best friend, it's name is LAZY. You might be lazy, but your teacher could care less that you are sore from soccer, dance, or swim. I hate to break it to ya, but life is a butt, life doesn't like the way you can get away with anything, so it makes rules, so listen to these tips, because these teen tips are a good way to evade breaking those rules. 

SO you know when you get home and your parent asks you what you did at school? Usually the answer is "Not, Much, just some dumb math and some  sciencey stuff. Next time your mom or dad asks you what you did at school make sure and say, "Well my teacher set a deadline for our projects, and I am glad, because it is making me extra motivated!!!" That sounds more...positive...right? Don't be sad, be glad, you just got a good tip, from a good experience. Good luck out there!!!

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