Yesterday, in science, we played a game that was designed to teach us about generations, and how habitats can effect nature. First, we had to sort out these cards. There were 25 brown mice cards with a lowercase w,, and then there was 25 white mice cards with an uppercase W on them, that was the dominant gene. Also there was event cards,1 disease card, 1 predator, and 1  survive card. Also, there were 5 death cards. Then, we had to pick two random cards from the mice pile, and 1 from the event cards. If you got WW or a Ww, a white mouse, you lived unless you got, predator or a death card. However, if you got a ww, a brown mouse, you would die unless you got a survive card which was very rare. Then, the situation was changed. SO white mice died, and brown mice lived. This happened when the habitat was changed to a dark floor instead of a light floor. I liked this game and I think it helped me understand this much better.  

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