A few weeks ago in leadership, we started to work on the rally. The games are new, and they are all different. We almost have all of the posters done, but we still have to do a few before Friday. I think we will be able to get them done. I have only made two posters, but I can make another today. The rally's theme is "Battle of the Sexes" It is supposed to be girls VS boys, but we have to do 7th Vs 8th still. I think that the rally could have been planned better, but it wasnt. I think that more people should have been working on it.
       At the rally we are introducing this season's sports, and the dance team. The games seem fun, but they haven't tested them all out yet. One game is Scootervillle, where someone has to push someone else around on a scooter. I think that will be appealing to kids. Also, there is a game that you have to lift a toothbrush out of a cup with the bill of a hat. This rally will be fun, and increase everyone's spirit.

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