Last week, and this week, we are learning about Punnet Squares. Punnet squares help you determine what genotype two parents will pass on to their children. Like if a Pp and another one was pp, then a punnet square would be used to find out what the genotype of their child might be. Also, if a parent had Ll for long nose, and ll for a short nose, then it would be impossible for the child to have a medium nose, because that genotype isn't presented. Another thing is, if the parent is purebred, or homozygus, their genotype is either two capital letters, or two lowercase letters, like OO or oo. Lowercase letters are the recessive gene, meaning they are not dominant, like upper case letters. So if a parent had Cc and a parent has cc, then their is still only 25% chance of the child have cc. 
      I like learning about punnet squares, it is really fun, and very interesting. It was very easy for me to pick up on, and I look forward to the test this Friday. Au demain (see you tomorrow)!!

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