I am so grateful to serve my family, usually. Only, my brother, my sister, and I aren't much of a family. My brother is dying, his whole body is pale, and his head feel as if it is on fire. My sister is 18 and can't take care of him, because she has to work at the pub. Since my mother and father died from the plague, my house is empty. We are still treated as nobles, and are given provisions, but its hard to feed three people, especially since my 7 year old brother can't keep a single piece of food down. I sob everyday while I am at his side. He can't see me, his eyes are crusted shut, and his fingers barely move when I hold them. I was told  not to touch him, but I cannot see why not. God has cast a horrible thing on a good person, but why? His face is so, so innocent, and his body can't stand another moment of guilt. He said words yesterday, real words, not nonsense. "I'm sorry" He said. I could feel the tears roll down my cheek and continue down my necj. He feels guilty for something that he didnt do. This has effected my family so much, I can't even begin to cover the loss

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