Over the past couple weeks, we have been doing review for the CST test in math, lame right? It's really boring and I don't like having homework on the weekends, that is really lame. I think it is helping me, though, the whole lot of it. All we have been doing in math is review. It is pretty lame, but its much easier. I like the way Ms. Pope talks to us about it like the material is brand new and we have never learned it before, It is kind of funny, actually.
The CST review homework usually consists of 16 or more problems. they are all review and relatively easy. I like homework when I actually know what I am doing. I think that everyone should be doing review before CST's in every subject. I like this idea, overall, and I'm glad Ms. Pope is making us do it. I think that we are going to have to step it up, our school in general, because we don't want to fall behind other schools, test score wise.

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