My grandma let me keep the dog, but I think it might have been a bad idea. He pees and poops everywhere, and he can't listen. He is like a defiant 3 year old. I named him Rib, I was thinking about Bones, but that name would just bring back sad memories. I checked him for fleas and took him to get his papers, he really is a sweet dog, though. I need to buy him food, but I don't have enough money to, we got an eviction notice yesterday and I didn't have the heart to tell my grandma. She stays in her recliner all day watching reruns of American Idol, she says one day she'll be watching me on that show from the clouds, but hearing her say that only makes me cry myself to sleep every night. I try to keep myself occupied so the thoughts don't start provoking tears, but I see the occasional hospital, grave yard, or old person and the thoughts entangle themselves in my mind, she is so sweet, my grandma, I can't stand watching her die in our lonely house. She needs to be in a safer enviroment, she needs to go to a nursing ho

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