I know your probably;y expecting me to write conversations and stuff that happens, but this is more like a book of my thoughts. I think a lot and I like to write them all down. I have done it since I was little. On occasion I will write songs in here, but it's mostly ideas and things like that. 
       This week and next week are sign ups for the talent show I REALLY want to do it, but I want to sing one of the songs I am writing. Its about how anyone can change the word. It starts like this, " We all want to stand up in the world,  we all wanna make ourselves heard. But sometimes our heads just aren't high enough. I think its very special to a lot of kids, (knowing that they can make a difference.) I was thinking about calling the song "Touching  the Stars" It might be a little cheesy though, because that's the main thing in the chorus. Anyways, my song isn't radio material, therefore, its not good enough. I think I should just be normal for once and just sing a song that everybody knows, but of course, I have to go and make it all difficult. I have to go make dinner, purred cabbage and chicken...yum? Maybe I'll make dinner for my grandma and then just go eat out. That's all folks!  Love, Riah. (that's my nickname)

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