I leaned my head as far as I could, but I couldn't see in between the bars. "You live on this street?" I ask. "Yeah," she said, "My house is right by an alley, almost exactly like the one out here. No, wait, EXACTLY like the one here." Her face went white, "This is my house?"  She wasn't crying, in fact she couldn't stop talking, "I knew we had a boarded up window facing the alley, but barred? I don't know this is all starting to sound pretty strange to-" I looked at her in disbelief, "Starting to sound strange? Starting?The big old gaping hole in your leg, the rusty, bone filled room, us looking completely identical, that stuff wasn't strange?" I snap at her. "My, mother she will rescue us, and my father he will come too." She said. I stared at her, a pause, "They will rescue us? Or do you think they kidnapped us?" She glared at me, "How dare you! I am a loved child, they would never do this to me!!!" I couldn't believe she was saying this right in front of me. I fell to my knees, and felt my eyes burn as a bright light flashed on. The woman, from the car? No, but similar looking. Except, she had a way better fashion sense. I stared at her, and she ran to give me a hug, I pushed her away. 
        The room was rather clean, and I found out that the bones were for their dogs, who came racing in after the lady. She brought in some men who wiped off our faces, and put some sort of ointment that healed the other Mariah almost  instantly. "I'm sorry if you mistook us for kidnappers. We didn't mean to frighten you." The woman said, and a frail blonde secretary with a rather pointed face nodded quickly, to assure us, I guess. "Ok, why did you chain us up?" I ask, "And why is the metal all rusty?" The room was relatively clean, but all the metal was rusty and gross looking. "You both put up quite a fight, and one of the two of you clones got stabbed, we quickly gave you both cloraphorm, and you went right out. We had to chain you up, because you kept growling in your sleep, and we didn't want to get hurt." She said, the flamingo-like secretary nodded and raised her eyebrows. 

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