I went to the detective's office today, they are trying to track the car. I can't talk to them that much because I can't talk to people that easy. The detective talks to me like I'm a  baby, he must be blind because on my name tag it says that I am 15. I try to tell the detective what I  saw, and I tell him where the bullet came from. Except when it comes to my mom I can't tell him that much, because I don't know that much. I know that he really wants to help, but he doesn't have to keep pushing. 
"Mariah, I understand that this is hard for you, but what did the person in the car look like?" Det. Elliot asks me.
I see the whole incident over again in my head. I see the car, and hit pause. "I can't see the person, but i see the window roll down, and he-wait, she has a hat on, it covers her face and is black, the rest of her clothes are normal, with pink---wait, red splatter paint...or blood. Can I get some water? My throat is bone dry." I try to change the subject, but that was a pretty week topic to change it, like we are going to start talking about my dry throat. 
"Of course." He got up and hit a button that I assumed was an intercom. "Can we please get the lady some water?"  He demanded. We waited, then the water came in. I recognized the man who brought it to me, a teacher? No. A director? No. My gardener? Yes, my gardener. He saw the whole thing, he was standing right next to my grandma, he dove when the bulet came. As if he thought it was aimed for him. 
"That man, does he work here?" I ask.
"Yeah he has been working as an intern for a few years now, why?" Elliot replied
"Oh, he is my gardener, he was there at the shooting. I wonder why he hasn't said anything, I say, "Oh, well."
"Do you have any more time?" He asked.
"No, I have to go to a performance, and I have to ride my bike." I said gathering up my backpack and my binder. 
"How about we get some dinner with my Detective partner Jane, then we can drop you off at your performance?" He asked.
I smiled, this is the first invitation I   have ever gotten. "Yeah, that would be nice." I found my first friend, and I don't even know hisfirst namee

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