Yesterday, in computer class, we went on a website called Career Cruising. The career options that I liked the best were director, actress, singer, and orthopedic surgeon. I had already thought about all of those things and I had narrowed my choices down to all of those things previously. I have always had an interest in the arts, and I have always liked the idea of being a surgeon. It sounds pretty awesome. All of these jobs produce an earning, but a singer receives the least. Its funny how the one that I want to be the most produces the least amount of money. 
         Singing means a lot to me, and I know that the preparation (e.g. voice lessons; experience), is time taking, but I have 4 years of vocal training at least, and experience as a performer. I know I could still use some help, but I think that I'm at a good start. Everyone expects contemporary music from me, but I like Broadway show tunes and old rock and roll kinds of things. Which leads me into another thing.
       If I am an actress, I could be a Broadway actress, then I could sing, dance, and act. I would have the complete package. By performing on Broadway, I don't mean being a star I just mean maybe working my way up on the long list of beautifully talented actresses on Broadway.I know its a long shot but it's always been a dream of mine.
      Being an orthopedic surgeon would rake in a lot of money. It would support my family very well. I love my family and I know I will love my future family. So being able to support them is important. Most of these jobs will, s I am in general happy with my results. 

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