Yesterday, in computers, we watched a BrainPop video about citing sources and online sources. The videos were very interesting, here is what they stated.

Citing Sources, BrainPop Video:     Citing sources is when you write down all of the sources that you use in a report, essay, or project. Usually, in a bibiliography. A bibiliography is a page at the end of a report, that cites all of the sources used. Including the author, source title, publisher, editor, and the year it was published. A source is where you get information, like a book or a website, even if you get from the "horse's mouth". All of the citations should be listed in alabhetical order. Citations are the list of all the information that you list for each source. SOme teachers will tell you to cite your sources in the footnote, a footnote is a side-comment at the bottom of the page. Usually, footnotes are shown by little numbers by the quote, and then the cite is at the bottom or sometimes the top.

Online Sources BrainPop Video: The online sources video, was about how to spot a trustworthy or non-trustworthy website for your report. Usually you can tell by the way the website looks. If it is unprofessional looking, with grammatical errors, and little text, it may not be useful. Also, most sites can be edited by anyone with information, so the wrong information can be posted, so know how to tell if something is wrong or right. These videos, both, were very useful, and I think I will be able to use this info

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