Knight(s) Needed!
I am requesting one Kinght to help protect my family. I have several requirements, and if they are not met, the job will not be given. If you have your own horse, please do not be reluctant to bring it. If you do not have a horse, or do not want to risk the life of your horse, keep it at your farm or stable. Also, if you're interested,  you must be at least 20 years old, and you must be strong. Armor will be provided for all knights that are accepted. Next, you must be brave, and loyal. Note: There will be a physical test, to show your sstrength and skill. If you are interested please see me at the Wagner Manor. You will be required to protect me, my grandmother, mother, brother, and our 4 dogs.
Rewards: If you are accepted, you will recieve land, and a manor for your service. Also, your family may stay on the land with you. Lastly, you will recieve your horse to keep.

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