SO today, in science, we learned a bunch of stuff that I didn't remember. Like stuff about eyes, and it was really boring. We learned the parts of the eye, and I would tell you all about it, but I honestly don't remember. I have science third period....its fourth period. I think that the cornea is the clear thing on the top of your eye or is it the lens? I don't know, but I better know tomorrow, when we dissect a cow eye. I  learned about the vitreous humor, I think it is some sort of liquid that helps shape the lens. Also, the aqueous humor is to...I don't know, moisturize or something. The eyebrow shades and keeps sweat away from your eye, gross right? I have perfectly clean eyebrows. The lens helps with focusing, I need that because I can't focus, well, ever. I think that maybe they should be able to magnify your lens if you need glasses. Can they do that, doctors? Yeah we learned a bunch of other stuff that's reallly 

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