The seventh graders all went on a trip to the zoo. It was pretty fun, and we got to see an amazing bird show. Our entire seventh grade class went on 4 busses. That means three to a seat. You are probably wondering how I am going to tie a teen tip in here, because they are usually based off of my experiences. Well, today's isn't. Our chaperones were from Edison High, they each gave us a grade on how we behaved, and how much we participated. I got an A+ and so did almost everyone else in my group. Except one person, he will not be mentioned by his actual name, so we will call him Bob. 

You see, when Bob, me and the rest of the group were at free time, Bob kept wondering away to other exhibits. He was being a bit moody, and did not want tot participate in the activities that we had. Bob's grade slowly went from an A+ to a B-. Bob couldn't understand, he knew he had been wandering off, but he had no idea that it would lower his grade. "Follow Your Group and Your Chaperone" that had to be at the top of the rule list. So, Teen Tip # 4- Follow directions closely, Bob was lucky he at least got a B, that was a big science grade, you know. I am happy with my grade. I needed it for science.

At the zoo, we got to see a lot of animals, but while we were going to look at out animal, Bob wondered off, and we all had to go find him. By the time we got to our groups animal (the one we are researching) , it wasn't even there. I started to wonder, if we didn't have to go look for Bob would we have seen our animal? The group leaders were upset at Bob. Anyways, you should check out the Chaffee Zoo, heres a link to it's website, and one to the research site.
Research Site: 

Chaffee Zoo official website:\ 

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