I think that that the Chinese had a HUGE impact on our world today. They created many great things, but I'm only going to say the top three, in my opinion. #3 is the Abacus. Although we don't use the Abacus at home that much. It was a great help to the people in China. It was a great help in math, helping people add, subtract, and even multiply. This wooden structure would fill kids with joy as they saw their score on their homework. Therefore, I think it deserves to be number three on today's list. 
      Now, for number 2. Number two is gunpowder. We use it so much in the U.S.. It is used for warfare, but also can bring joy to many people's face. How? By bursting up into the air in different colors, with loud sounds and a lot of smiles. The Chinese not only gave us access to firearms, but also fireworks. So the next time you see a firework make sure you are grateful to China for giving them to us.
       Finally, number 3. We use it every day at home, at school, work, pretty much everywhere. Paper. The Chinese invented paper. Without it our society would be useless. And how would we do our beloved homework? This is most definetly THE MOST important invention from China. 

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