Its Here again...! The rally is back, and better than ever. We are finally getting up to speed on the rally. We have a lot of the posters done, or almost done, and we are already getting permission from our teachers to leave to help set up. This rally's theme is blacklight! We are going to  have a section where all the lights are off and its only the blacklights. It sounds cool and everything, but we haven't even ordered the blacklights. Also, I have only heard tell of one game for the whole rally. I am excited, though, because the white posters are going to look awesome. I think the teachers are going to do a little dance in white clothes so they will glow. That should be fun. We are still working on it, though.
      I think this rally is going to bet the best so far. I am really excited to see all the happy faces when the lights are off and the white is glowing. However, I would prefer that we hurry up, and get everything done.

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