So far I have had a substitute twice this week, in French, and in Math. I had no idea that we were going to have subs. It is hard for me to stay focused when we have subs because, I am so used to my normalm teachers, that I never can pay attention. I was excited when I got all my work done in math, today, even though we had a sub. 
    I re-organized my binder, because it was getting a little messy. So far, it's helped a lot. I know it is very important to stay organized now, because so far using my binder has been a breeze. Before, I had folders instead of a binder. I had folders because it was too hard to get my binder in and out of my backpack. Now I have a new backpack, so it's much easier. Well, I am pretty much done! Asta la vista!!!

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