Yesterday, in leadership. I talked to Mr. Armstrong about student of the month. I am the head of that committee, and I was supposed to receive the list of students for this month. Today is the last day of the month and I really don't think we are ready to complete the reward system. Mr. Armstrong told me to talk to Mrs. Badawi. I went into her office, and she took out a pen and paper. I was pretty nervous. She said she was planing on not doing it, but because Leadership class was taking over she decided to start working on it. She said she is going to start sending the e-mail to all of the teachers. I was so glad that we are finally getting started.
      I think we are going to put their pictures and a statement on the poster board in the hallways. Also, I was going to talk to CCN and the video club to see if we could possibly put them on the school news. Their names will be announced at least. They will receive a certificate of achievement, and I think they would probably like a reward like candy or something. I'm glad this project finally picked up the pace and I will hopefully be blogging about how successful it was .


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