Hi my name is Mariah Lee. I'm a freshman at Rover High. I'm 15 years old, and about 5'2". I really like to sing and perform. My parents are dead, and I live with my grandparents. I never knew my dad, but I did know my mom. She was a great lady. She was a very smart woman, and  she always expressed her feelings. I know how she died, but I would prefer we don't talk about it. 
      I am a good dancer, and a good singer, and I also play soccer. You see, my grandfather was a professional soccer player. So I have to play. I have been voted MVP every year since I was 3. I play forward and goalie. If I could, I would quit soccer and continue to perform, but I could never let my grandpa down. My grandpa is 86 years old, and he has cancer. He stays in intensive care, and I visit him sometimes. I really like to visit him, but I have to get myself there. My grandma has tuberculosis and she can't leave the house. I have missed countless auditions and performances to take care of her. I don't regret it, because I love my grandma very much. Well, at least I have someone to take care of ME. 
       At school I'm not popular, and I never have been in a school play, because I don't want to be infront of everybody. I do perform a lot outside of school, and I hope and pray no one from school ever comes to see me.         

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