We started a new chapter in CORE. We are beginning to learn about the renaissance. I think it will be fun. The last chapter, we did a project. We had to do a creative way to teach about on of the topics. My group got 10.1. I think it was really fun. We (I) made a diorama of the feudal system, and a poster board with information, that I made as well. The whole project was really good, I think. Mrs. Frazier says that she wants to keep it, which is fine because its too much stuff to carry around. I am pretty sure we got an A

10.1 Is all about the Popes and Kings. They were fighting over who got to choose the church officials. The Pope excommunicated the King from the church, but eventually let him back in. He was not allowed to choose the church officials anymore, though, because the Pope was now given that privilege. 

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