Today in math we got new seats. I used to sit in the front, and nxt to three boys who sang the whole time. Now I sit in the middle with three girls, and they are much more focused. I am glad I have a new seat, and I know I will do much better in math now that I have a new seat. I also can see the board much better. 
    Also, in math, We are learning to graph inequalities. I got 11 1/2 out of 13 for last night's homework. I got the best grade at my new table!!! I was excited, but I am still going to redo the ones that I got wrong to get a better grade. I know that it is hard to believe, but I think that maybe my new surroundings will bring a new mathematician, maybe. I don't know if this seat will help me prosper, or fail, but I do have good feelings. Cheerio!!!

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