Yesterday was the first day of the new quarter. I am really excited, because so far I am doing alright. I brought my grade up in leadership! I have a B- instead of a D which is MUCH better. I got my new community service time sheet and I have 30 min. already. I know I have a lot to go. I have to get 15 hours. My friend and I are going to try to get 30 hours so we can get a pizza party. We haven't gotten our little yellow event cards, but that is easy to get. I can use drama club for each of my events. 
    This week in leadership, I am in charge of the Friday event, we are doing a sort of dangerous, and messy event. You have to get onto a ladder and drop a chocolate covered marshmallow into your friends mouth. When we tested the event we learned that you have to have baby-wipes at hand. I am going to bring baby wipes. I think Mr. Armstrong is bringing the chocolate syrup and marshmallows, but I should probably remind him. I hope this event goes well! Saa ya'!

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