My Spring Break was awesome, I had a lot of fun. I only had 4 shows this week instead of having six. Almost everyday except for Easter, I  got up and ate breakfast, then we cleaned, and at 10 I went to tennis practice, and came home at 12. Then, we would relax until 4 when I went back to tennis until 5. After tennis, I stayed at the sport club until 6 when I had boxing. Boxing ended at 7:30. On Wednesday Thursday and Friday, I could only stay until 7 for boxing because I had a performance.One night, I stayed the night at my friend Mckenzie’s house, that was ok. Also, on Saturday, I had an acting class, which was fun, and I get to do it with my Best Friend!!! I didn’t go anywhere, but I had a lot of fun staying at home. On thursday, after tennis, we went to a Mexican supermarket called Vallartas. I liked it there, but I couldn’t order the food. I cleaned on monday until boxing. Also, I received a list of a bunch of auditions and theatre workshops, which is really exciting. I loved Spring Break, and I can’t wait until summer!!!  

Since it is now fourth quarter, I plan to keep all my grades up as well as I can. I had fun over Spring Break, but it is now time to work.

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