My lord is a great man, he has kept me safe for many years. Even as a Samurai, no one has provided as much care for me as he has. He is high up in the government. He is the closest man to emperor, but he is not the emperor. Usually, the Emperor and my lord get along just fine, but as of a few weeks ago they have been caught in a deep argument. The subject is about  the good of the city. However, they both asked me to fight on their sides. I am loyal to each and I wouldn't dare betray them. I tried to reason, but they don't have ears for anyone else's words at the moment. I talk little, but I listen a lot. I hear their arguments. They include threats and many other things. I have almost decided to fight on my emperor's side. For he is wealthy, and can provide support for my family and I. Also, he has greater power, after all. Today I approached them both. "If you choose to fight for the emperor, you must hand in your sword to me," my lord said. I got down on both knees, my sword spread across my hands. Facing my lord I said, "Spare me, my lord." I handed him the sword he looked furious. The emperor smiled and handed me a new sword, a better sword, "Let the games begin," my previous master said. He stormed out of the room, murmuring to himself. I waanted to laugh and cry at the same time. The emperor gave me some food and showed me my new room. Long live the Emperor.

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