Last period, I had a math test. I got 9/10. Which is a 90%. I was really surprised, because I thought I was going to do way worse. The test was about planes, lines, rays, line segments etc. I finished second, and I felt like I might have rushed through it.. I wound up actually feeling good about my grade. It was totally easy, I zipped right through it. I missed the first one, because I put line instead of ray. That's pretty annoying, but it was my fault. I really was proud of myself, I hope I get 100% on the next test.

A Plane is a flat surface that goes on in every direction. Planes can be parallel perpendicular, and skew to each other. A line is a straight edge that goes on forever in two directions. Usually a line is drawn with two arrows on the ends, to show that it goes forever.  A ray is a line that has a point on one end, and extends forever on the other, that end is drawn with an arrow. A line segment is a line that ends eventually on both sides, so it has two end points. When lines are perpendicular, they cross to form right angles, parallel  

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