I think I am going to have an awesome summer. I am currently in rehearsal for Calamity Jane. I am doing the actual show, and I am really excited. Yesterday was my first rehearsal. I have rehearsal tomorrow and Friday. I think it is going to be very fun. I am just the ensemble, so I don't have to do much. I went into the prop room with some of my friends from juniors, and we stayed in there until it was our time to go out. I hope that not all the rehearsals are like that. As you may know, Louise Mandrell is going to be playing Calamity Jane. She wasn't there yesterday, but I have a feeling she was already taught the dances. My friends Mariah was there, so that helped ease the nervousness. 
Also, over the summer, I will be doing swim/water polo, tennis, dance classes, and probably summer school, to get ahead for next year. I am really excited about my summer. although I can't really do much, I will be having fun at the shows, (even though they go late), and I will be having fun swimming and dancing with my friends. 
Some of the kids who I know that are in Calamity Jane are, Chris, Sal, and Mariah. Also, my best friend's mom is in it. She is really nice, and was helping me with the dance. 

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