Last week, in science, we started learning about genes and traits. As a project for this unit, we got to make our own paper pets. You had to flip a coin if you flipped heads then tails or Vise Versa or heads then heads, it was blue. if you flipped tails then tails, it was yellow. Mine was blue. I named him Colin, then I mated Colin with the girl next to me's pet. Hers was blue too, however we both flipped heads, then tails, so our pets both carried the recessive gene of yellow. Then, we each flipped a coin to determine whether the babies were yellow or blue, had round or square eyes, triangular, or oval nose, and square or pointed teeth. Surprisingly, even though our pets were still blue 50% of our pets were yellow, which means my pet passed on a yellow trait three times, and so did hers. 
       I really liked this assignment I found it really interesting, and easy to learn. I had a great time with my partner, and making my pet grandchildren. Peace!!!

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