The whole week has gone by really fast, I hope that maybe I can catch up on what has happened. I have been having trouble in math, those fractions get me every time. P.E. has gone well, but my partner and I don't have our routine down yet. She hasn't been working on it at all, and when I make suggestions she just nods her head. Although Mr. Brown says we are "good" and "have plenty of time" I still think we could use some work.
 We figured out what plays we are doing for Drama Club, and I'm really excited. Also, for video club, we got a lot done in one week, and the week isn't even over yet. 
    Yesterday I got a chance to give the incoming sixth graders from Manchester G.A.T.E. A tour of Computech. The only thing they didn't enjoy was talking about the dress code.I knew a lot of them, but there were some new ones in my group.It was really fun, I enjoyed remembering all of the good times. Well, that's it. Tchao!!! 

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