Today is Halloween, October 31st. I am excited, in a way, but I am also dissapointed. Last week I was sick for three days, and I have a lot to catch up on. I caught up for core, and science, but not math. I am really having a hard time in math this year. I should be studiying, instead of going to the dance today. I know that I never really had math in elementary, and I know that it will take some tutoring to be up to date in my math. My grandma found a good tutor, who she says will be the best person for me to work with, so I know that I can trust my grandma to make things work out. That is all I have to say. Happy halloween!
11/1/2011 06:10:14 am

Very good website. I liked your bright colors that you chose and your choise of pictures at the top of the page. If you have some time, maybe you can add some pictures that would go along with the blog.


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