Yesterday, my family learned that we have been chosen to choose the candidates for the Hall of Fame, their are so many choices, the campaign posters are up all over the town. We are the luckiest noble family in all of the world. I know that I  don't have much pf a choice, because I am the youngest lady in the family, but I wish I did. If I could choose I would definitely choose William Shakespeare, his contributions are great. I have made 15 posters for him already. I hung them up all over town. My mother agrees that his 30 comedies, 30 tragedies, and other many plays, and books, have been an immense contribution to our society. I love his work, his Romeo and Juliette made me wonder what it would be like to live in a tragedy. The forbidden love, and broken hearts, it is all so dramatic! His work is MOST definitely something to consider while we look through our choices. H

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