A few weeks ago Mr. Kimbley told us that the lab fee money was partially going towards a new color printer! Also, about a week ago he gave us a new assignment. We had to make a greeting card. I was so excited to hear that it could be about anything we wanted. Isn't that awesome? Well, I chose to make mine for my best friend. I sent it to the folder that is labeled "Ready to Print", in Mr. Kimbley's dropbox. I was so excited. I tricked it out on publisher, by adding all of her favorite colors, and things that she likes. I found out shortly after that she was making hers for me. I love her so much and I know that her simple likes and dislikes will get me a good grade on this project. 
       A reason why I might not get a good grade on this project is that I used a lot of pictures from the internet. I think it looks fine, but Mr. Kimbley says that we should use our own skills. I added borders and did some fancy things, so it should be fine. Thanks for listening. Bye!


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