In the book, Crispin, Bear makes a huge impact on Crispin's life by making him feel comfortable, and strong while talking to other people. In a way, Bear inspired Crispin, and helps him get along without trouble. Crispin knows that Bear is becoming his idol. He feels like he has somebody who is there for him, and who he can talk to about anything. I have a "Bear" too. My inspiration to be at Computech, and stay involved is my best friend, Mallory.I love her so much. A lot of people don't have a best friend, and they have to talk to someone they don't trust or hold it all inside. I have Mallory, though, I feel like I can tell her anything. She does her best to listen, and give feedback. Sure, I love my Mom, but she doesn't go to school with me, and doesn't know a lot of the things that can happen. She is the one who keeps my motivated, and I hope we are best friends forever.
      She has kept me in her heart, and with her since the beginning of 6th grade. She plays a very big role in my life. I know she can talk to me, and I can talk to her, we have total trust and the tightest friendship ever. I can trust all of my other friends, and I love them, too, but Mallory is just always there and knows how I feel, we are two halves of the same person. She is the best, and without her, I know that I would be lost. She is my best friend, my other half, my inspiration, and motivation. She is no doubt my sister.

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