Last Friday, we had to do Fitness day ijn PE. The first time we did bootcamp in PE I was so sore, that I couldn't even sit down. Then, we did it again, and I was able to sit, and walk, but I still felt a little pain. The third time (this last time) I didnt fel anything, nothing at all. My muscles were so used to it, that I just went through the period with ease. I am beginning to like fitness day, but I have a feeling that it isn't going to remain easy for long. All my friends feel the same way, too.
     First, we had to run arounf the varsity diamond, without stopping. Then, we had to do suicides. Suicides are when yo run to one cone, then back, then to a farther one, then back, and then to the farthest one and back. That was pretty hard.Next, we had to skip to the last cone, and the run backwards back. Then, we had to hop on one foot to one side, and then on the other on the way back. Both of those things were easy. Finally, we had to do lunges all the way to the last cone and all the way back. That was the worst thing. I got pretty sweaty and felt nautious, but afterwards I actually felt like I accomplished something.

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