In French, we hd to write a pen pal letter to a French student at Edison. I got a girl named Julissa. I typed up my letter, and it was really fun. We had to say stuff like Tu as quel age? Which means How old are you? I asked things like, "Tu aimes le danse" which means "Do you like to dance?". I told Julissa stuff Iiked by saying, "J'aime le danse, or J'aime regarder le tele. That means I like to watch TV.
       I think this will help me read, and write in french. I really like my French class, I like to see the difference in language, culture, and media. The way they do things over there is much simpler, I think. Also,  the economy suits everyone so much better there. Did you know that college is free? Well, on that note, Au Revoir! (Goodbye!)


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