Yesterday I had a math test, and a science test. I think I did pretty well on both, I didn't enjoy taking the tests, especially since I have science right after math. It sucks! It happened again today, but I had a french test in first period, then a math test in second, and then a science test in third. It was not very fun. Well I'm glad that tomorrow I have rehearsal for a new show I'm going to be in. Except, I have to skip drama club today so I can go to bed early. I also have a French project due on Moday and I haven't even started yet! I have a very stressful week, this week. So if you see me, DON'T TEST ME!!! I'm very much in a hurry so I'm very very stressed. Well if that's all you want to hear, that's all I'm going to say! Au revoir!!!

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