I couldn't bear it, I sat there and watched my home go up in flames. I used the excuse of the smoke for the tears running down my face. I had laughed, even though I was starving, cried even though I was happy in that house. I could hardly sit still, I climbed up into a tree, and watched the only thing I ever had be destroyed. I guess that I shouldn't be upset, because there was hardly anything I owned. Only the clothes on my back, and the cross of my mothers in my hand. I sat in the tree, wishing I could just fall out and join my mother. I was in hiding, and my life doesn't matter to anyone but Father Quinel, and if he keeps helping me along, he will be killed as well. 
    My life is putting others in danger, and I had nothing to live for. As I was growing up, I contemplated killing myself, but my mother would be all alone. As I am now, but she is gone, and it isn't her fault. I didn't cry when I was starving of food, but I am crying now, as I am starving for love. That house was all the memories I had, my mother was all the warmth, and now they are both gone. Sorrow fills my body, and I cry even harder.

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