My village is a mess, the townspeople are even considering a rebellion. They can't stand the bickering going on between the Pope, and our lord, the King. Our nobles elected our king, as this is a Holy Roman Empire. However, the pope had to approve. Although the pope approved then, he wants all the power from the king. I am the daughter of a noble, and being a woman, I have no say, honestly. Still, the whole quarrel has lasted for years, but the negotiating has ended, and it has come to push and shove.
     The Empire would be having a much easier time if they could watch their two greatest leaders cooperate. They would have smoother church sessions, because the pope would make sure that bishops were hand-picked. Also, the peasants and nobles would be receiving their fair share of land, and protection. I would much rather prefer that the king handle land, money, food, and warfare. I would also hope that the pope would be satisfied with only the religious matters. Cooperation is key in a feudal society like this, and it should be maintained.

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