I loved this year in Computers. I had a lot of fun with the projects. I didn't have such a hard time, because I had computers all through elementary school. I really liked all the fun projects and I liked how we got exposed to current technologies. First of all, I really liked how the class was taught. The timing was well-structured, and we had a pretty good amount of time for each project. In fact, we had abundant time. I didn't like how we worked with Armstrong's class on the Google History Trip Summary thing. They hardly did any work. I asked several groups in our class and they agreed. 
     I especially liked working with Publisher, that was really cool.I really appreciate Mr. Kimbley's hard work to keep this class up-and-running, most kids would probably be failing without his generosity. I liked how the  drop box thing was setup, but I think the student folders should be setup in a Google Doc folder, that way, it could be accessed from anywhere. I think more work should be done in Google Docs, because kids who have internet access can work at home, and in school. 
      I really enjoyed being able to work with my class mates during class, it gives everyone a sense of security, I think. Also, when I was out sick, I would get on the computer at home during the time we would be at computers, and be on the GOogle Docs, so I could talk and work with my group. Also, if I was absent, I could just go online the day I was absent, and see what we did in computers, then, I could usually just finish up whatever I needed to. I really liked this year's computers curriculum and lesson plans. ALthough, the infographic thing could use more time.
I also didn't like how some kids in groups did all the work, within our class. I thought that was unfair. Anyways, over all, this was the best computer education I could have recieved as a Middle Schooler. Thank you Mr. Kimbley.

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