The whole day, I sat in class thinking about where I was supposed to go after school. My grandma probably will be at the hospital, or an old folks home by the time  I arrive. I hope they let her keep our new dog with her, she adores it. Sometimes I think that dog is the only hting she is holding onto. Soon enough, though, the dog won't be able to hold her anymore. Soon enough, she will let go, and she won't take me or anything else with her.

Even as a chils my grandma never said a word in an offensive tone, she never talked over a whisper if she even spoke at all. She said a mouthful of words today, when I came home. I ditched school at lunch time to come see her. She is looking so much better. She said the people from "Maple Homes" called. They offered her a free spot, and she is thinking about taking it. God help me. 

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