Yes!!!! I got a solo for the new show I'm in! I can't believe it, it never happens! I like to sing alone, I figured that out while I was singing. I had so much fun. The play we are doing is Alice and Wonderland. I got Alice. We are doing a musical version. There were some problems, however. My friend Lily auditioned, but she didn't make it in. I was planning on catching a ride with her, and now I can't. My grandma can't take me. I have to ride 2 busses just to get to the theatre. I am so worried that one day something baad ill happen and I won't make it. The only other person I know in the play is this guy named Kyle he is super nice, and he lives right next to me. I just am kind of nervous talking to him. He likes this girl named Clara. She is my understudy for Alice. She seemed nice, but when I talked to her, she didn't seem to like me. Whatever. I got the part, and I intend on keeping it. Tonight I have 2 shows only an hour apart. I will probably just stay in the theatre for the hour. On saturday I have an audition for another show that starts right after this one ends, from 9-1. Then, I have rehearsal for Alice in wonderland from 2-6. After that, I have a show from 7:30 to 10:00. SO thats all for now. I have loads of homework BYE! 

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