I looked around as they gave us a nice big cup of hot chocolate, but its nearly summertime, so I let it cool. I try to ask questions, but every time I do, the other Mariah cuts me off and shows me another part of her house. Once we were on the 4th floor, we turned left and she squealed, "And...THIS IS MY ROOM!!!!" The walls were sparkly and pink, and the bed was attached to the ceiling, so it swung. The bed had pink and purple rhinestones, not the the cheap kind, ALL over the frame. THe bed spread was pink with purple sparkly flowers, and her "office" area had a sparkly purple desk, and a full pink and purple personalized stationery. She had a rotating closet all controlled by a touch-screen panel on the wall. The mirror had a camera built into it, so if she was looking especially pretty that day, she could take a picture.

My clothes were dirty with...soot? I don't know why, and I don't bother asking, but I do ask to take a shower in her shower big enough to have a party in...not that anyone would. I took a shower, which had shower heads on every side, and you could change the temperature with your voice. I picked up the clothes of her's that I laid out. The least girliest clothes I could find, some jeans and a plain black tee shirt. I stepped out of her bathroom, and I saw Mariah 2 on her bed. She was sobbing harded than I've seen anyone sob. Her hands covered her face.

"I know we hardly know each other, but you can tell me anything." I say, "I feel like we are somehow connected." 
She looked up at me, "We are," she said, " I am you." I looked up and saw the seriousness across her face. Across my face, actually. "My mother," She said, "Your mother, she didn't die, according to her, you did. You were a little brunette baby, and your father's mother stole you away, she bleached your hair, and changed your middle and last name. SHe even, somehow, changed your birth certificate, Im sorry."

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