I paced around the room a while, looking for things to break the window with, I tried to use the bar, the one that I got my handcuffs off with. It wouldn't come out of the wall. "Do you have anything on you?" I ask. "A compact, and my...cell phone." She said. "Why didn't you get that out before?!?!?" I yell. " You should be quieter, the men will be back anytime soon. Besides, I don't have a signal in here anyways." She replied. "Oh." I slumped. I remembered, when I tripped. The bone, it would be perfect. I found the bone and raced to the window. I hammered on it, nothing. Again, harder this time. It shattered. I was overjoyed. Except the window was foggy with spray paint or something, and I couldn't see the metal bars until now. I could see an alleyway. I saw a street sign. We are on central and....I can't really read maybe Disston? Disston? That can't be right, Disston is the neighborhood for rich kids. I would have lived here if my mom hadn't "died". "We are on Disston and Central" I say. "What? thats where I live????'!!!" She says. What?

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