I woke up in a dusty room, I couldn't see a thing. The only light was coming from a crack in the boarded up window. I herd a whimper, I looked around. I heard a girl, she sounded young. I tried to move towards the sound because she sounded like she was in pain. I couldn't move, though, my hands were  shackled and so were my feet. I saw the light hit a rusty bar. I stood up, the cuffs were digging into my ankles. The chain was connected to a wall, I moved towards the bar. I spread my hands apart as wide as I could and hit the chain linking my two hands, every chain has a weak link. I felt my hands clench. The chain was still linked up, i slammed them against the bar, but harder. They broke. I saw where the shackles connected to the wall. The metal loop looked old and was probably about to break. I pulled with my legs several times. Freed. Now to find her.\
I looked around the room. There wasn't enough light to see. I heard the whimper again. "Hello?" I ask, as if I'm hearing her cries on a harmless telephone call, "Where are you?" 
"Please, please, save me, I'm in pain, pain!!!" I trip when I hear this, was it her, no, it was too solid to be a little girl. I looked again, my eyes focused it was a bone. Where am i?

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