Yesterday, I P.E., we had to do boot camp, I thought it was going to be the worst experience in my laugh, I was right. We stretched a little first, and talked, had some fun, but right after we took roll, the torture started. We had to do 100 jumping jacks, which wasn't hard. I was hoping that was it, but soon learned not to get my hopes up. Then, we did 60 sit and jumps, that's when you sit, then stand up, jump, and then sit back down continually. Then we did 60 squats, but we rested in the middle. After the squats, we had to do 60 lunges. I wasn't that worn out after those, but then we started the push ups, and sit ups. We did about 50 of each, my face was pretty sweaty and very red. Afterwards we did about 50 leg raises to the front, and then 40 on each side. I am so sore, now but it was worth the grade. I am not looking forward to the next boot camp.

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