In P.E. we have to learn how to play badminton. The whole point is to improve our hand-eye-coordination. I am pretty good at it, and always score the most points out of my partners. I am excited that I am good because I usually am not good at sports in general. I know that this sport is easy for me because I am also good at tennis. Even though tennis is much easier, because there is a bigger face on the racket. 
    In P.E., we rotate to different nets. If you win you go to the net before th one you are at. If you lose you go to the number after the net you were ate. So if you won at net 4, you would go to net 3. If you lost at net 4, you go to net 5.  I know that this sport is a good thing for me to be ivolved in. That is all I know so far. Ta ta for now!

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