In computers we started a digital portfolio. On the digital portfolio you can find all my work from school, or at least the stuff that I do online. If you hover the mouse over classes, the drop down menu will display it. Not everything has any work yet, but it will soon enough. In the process of learning how to make the portfolio, I learned how to create a drop down menu, and take a screen shot. This will most-likely help me later in life. I think this was a smart thing to assign.
      I can;t wait to see my mom's face when I show her all the stuff that I made. Especially the things in computers, I know she would enjoy that. I think my grandma would be happy to see what I am doing in school, also. This was a good learning experience and you can check it out, too. Also, by embedding powerpoints, I will be able to see the powerpoint I have made and show it to my family. Isn't that awesome? Well, that's all. Toodles!
       Today I had a rehearsal, and I would tell you all about it, but I missed it. I was crying all day and had no strength to ride my bike 4 miles tot he rehearsal space. My grandpa died yesterday, the Chemotherapy was a little too much for him. My grandma is extremely depressed, and she is feeling worse and worse. I think I may be getting sick, sick of being alone, sick of having noone to depend on. I'm tired of it, and I need love and support more than a lot of people. Anyways, I texted my director and told him that the understudy will need to teach me anything we learn. I think he knows my situation. Still, he was upset, because if you miss an 8 hour rehearsal, you miss a lot.
       I have almost decided on putting my grandma in an old folk's home. She really needs some more care. She stays at home, now even though she should be in the hospital. "Riah, baby, when I die you get anything I own, it ain't much, but what there is it all goes to you." She told me that yesterday. I inherited anything my parents left, I never really thought about it, but I haven't heard anything of a fortune, so my spirits haven't yet been lifted. I talked to my grandma, and said, "Didi, have you ever thought about going to a retirement center?"
"Baby girl, I think about it everyday. But I wouldn't dare leave you by yourself."  thats all I got out of her. I have a piano lesson now, I haven't practiced. -Riah.
My lord is a great man, he has kept me safe for many years. Even as a Samurai, no one has provided as much care for me as he has. He is high up in the government. He is the closest man to emperor, but he is not the emperor. Usually, the Emperor and my lord get along just fine, but as of a few weeks ago they have been caught in a deep argument. The subject is about  the good of the city. However, they both asked me to fight on their sides. I am loyal to each and I wouldn't dare betray them. I tried to reason, but they don't have ears for anyone else's words at the moment. I talk little, but I listen a lot. I hear their arguments. They include threats and many other things. I have almost decided to fight on my emperor's side. For he is wealthy, and can provide support for my family and I. Also, he has greater power, after all. Today I approached them both. "If you choose to fight for the emperor, you must hand in your sword to me," my lord said. I got down on both knees, my sword spread across my hands. Facing my lord I said, "Spare me, my lord." I handed him the sword he looked furious. The emperor smiled and handed me a new sword, a better sword, "Let the games begin," my previous master said. He stormed out of the room, murmuring to himself. I waanted to laugh and cry at the same time. The emperor gave me some food and showed me my new room. Long live the Emperor.
Yesterday in science, we made DNA Christmas tree ornaments. I thought it was very appropriate considering we are studying DNA and it is Christmas time. I added that to my list of things to look forward to. We had to string the beads through a wire in a certain order, and then we had to make rows of beads it was really awesome. I asked Mrs. Poole for help several tims, but I eventually realized how the pattern went. Yellow, white, and then a colored bead. If you put a red on one side, you had to put a green on the other. If you put a blue on one side, you had to put a gold on the other. It looks really cool. The Idea was for them to be ear rings, but there wasn't enough for everyone to have two. This was an awesome thing to do in class, and I can't wait to wrap it up and give it to my bro. He is a science nerd. Bye!
       A few weeks ago Mr. Kimbley told us that the lab fee money was partially going towards a new color printer! Also, about a week ago he gave us a new assignment. We had to make a greeting card. I was so excited to hear that it could be about anything we wanted. Isn't that awesome? Well, I chose to make mine for my best friend. I sent it to the folder that is labeled "Ready to Print", in Mr. Kimbley's dropbox. I was so excited. I tricked it out on publisher, by adding all of her favorite colors, and things that she likes. I found out shortly after that she was making hers for me. I love her so much and I know that her simple likes and dislikes will get me a good grade on this project. 
       A reason why I might not get a good grade on this project is that I used a lot of pictures from the internet. I think it looks fine, but Mr. Kimbley says that we should use our own skills. I added borders and did some fancy things, so it should be fine. Thanks for listening. Bye!

       Yes!!!! I got a solo for the new show I'm in! I can't believe it, it never happens! I like to sing alone, I figured that out while I was singing. I had so much fun. The play we are doing is Alice and Wonderland. I got Alice. We are doing a musical version. There were some problems, however. My friend Lily auditioned, but she didn't make it in. I was planning on catching a ride with her, and now I can't. My grandma can't take me. I have to ride 2 busses just to get to the theatre. I am so worried that one day something baad ill happen and I won't make it. The only other person I know in the play is this guy named Kyle he is super nice, and he lives right next to me. I just am kind of nervous talking to him. He likes this girl named Clara. She is my understudy for Alice. She seemed nice, but when I talked to her, she didn't seem to like me. Whatever. I got the part, and I intend on keeping it. Tonight I have 2 shows only an hour apart. I will probably just stay in the theatre for the hour. On saturday I have an audition for another show that starts right after this one ends, from 9-1. Then, I have rehearsal for Alice in wonderland from 2-6. After that, I have a show from 7:30 to 10:00. SO thats all for now. I have loads of homework BYE! 
I think that that the Chinese had a HUGE impact on our world today. They created many great things, but I'm only going to say the top three, in my opinion. #3 is the Abacus. Although we don't use the Abacus at home that much. It was a great help to the people in China. It was a great help in math, helping people add, subtract, and even multiply. This wooden structure would fill kids with joy as they saw their score on their homework. Therefore, I think it deserves to be number three on today's list. 
      Now, for number 2. Number two is gunpowder. We use it so much in the U.S.. It is used for warfare, but also can bring joy to many people's face. How? By bursting up into the air in different colors, with loud sounds and a lot of smiles. The Chinese not only gave us access to firearms, but also fireworks. So the next time you see a firework make sure you are grateful to China for giving them to us.
       Finally, number 3. We use it every day at home, at school, work, pretty much everywhere. Paper. The Chinese invented paper. Without it our society would be useless. And how would we do our beloved homework? This is most definetly THE MOST important invention from China. 
       Yesterday, in computer class, we went on a website called Career Cruising. The career options that I liked the best were director, actress, singer, and orthopedic surgeon. I had already thought about all of those things and I had narrowed my choices down to all of those things previously. I have always had an interest in the arts, and I have always liked the idea of being a surgeon. It sounds pretty awesome. All of these jobs produce an earning, but a singer receives the least. Its funny how the one that I want to be the most produces the least amount of money. 
         Singing means a lot to me, and I know that the preparation (e.g. voice lessons; experience), is time taking, but I have 4 years of vocal training at least, and experience as a performer. I know I could still use some help, but I think that I'm at a good start. Everyone expects contemporary music from me, but I like Broadway show tunes and old rock and roll kinds of things. Which leads me into another thing.
       If I am an actress, I could be a Broadway actress, then I could sing, dance, and act. I would have the complete package. By performing on Broadway, I don't mean being a star I just mean maybe working my way up on the long list of beautifully talented actresses on Broadway.I know its a long shot but it's always been a dream of mine.
      Being an orthopedic surgeon would rake in a lot of money. It would support my family very well. I love my family and I know I will love my future family. So being able to support them is important. Most of these jobs will, s I am in general happy with my results. 
I know your probably;y expecting me to write conversations and stuff that happens, but this is more like a book of my thoughts. I think a lot and I like to write them all down. I have done it since I was little. On occasion I will write songs in here, but it's mostly ideas and things like that. 
       This week and next week are sign ups for the talent show I REALLY want to do it, but I want to sing one of the songs I am writing. Its about how anyone can change the word. It starts like this, " We all want to stand up in the world,  we all wanna make ourselves heard. But sometimes our heads just aren't high enough. I think its very special to a lot of kids, (knowing that they can make a difference.) I was thinking about calling the song "Touching  the Stars" It might be a little cheesy though, because that's the main thing in the chorus. Anyways, my song isn't radio material, therefore, its not good enough. I think I should just be normal for once and just sing a song that everybody knows, but of course, I have to go and make it all difficult. I have to go make dinner, purred cabbage and chicken...yum? Maybe I'll make dinner for my grandma and then just go eat out. That's all folks!  Love, Riah. (that's my nickname)