Yesterday, in leadership. I talked to Mr. Armstrong about student of the month. I am the head of that committee, and I was supposed to receive the list of students for this month. Today is the last day of the month and I really don't think we are ready to complete the reward system. Mr. Armstrong told me to talk to Mrs. Badawi. I went into her office, and she took out a pen and paper. I was pretty nervous. She said she was planing on not doing it, but because Leadership class was taking over she decided to start working on it. She said she is going to start sending the e-mail to all of the teachers. I was so glad that we are finally getting started.
      I think we are going to put their pictures and a statement on the poster board in the hallways. Also, I was going to talk to CCN and the video club to see if we could possibly put them on the school news. Their names will be announced at least. They will receive a certificate of achievement, and I think they would probably like a reward like candy or something. I'm glad this project finally picked up the pace and I will hopefully be blogging about how successful it was .

       Last week we had the whole week off from school for thanksgiving. I had a lot of fun, and I did many, MANY things. First I finished ALL my homework, and cleaned up my room. Next, I had a lot of fun staying home and watching movies. I also went on bike rides with my mom and my brother. My grandma left to Santa Barbara on Wednesday. Then, on Thanksgiving, my small family of three sat down and had our thanksgiving dinner. As you can imagine, there is A LOT of food left. We went to my uncles house, and played with his new puppy, Sylvia. I had fun riding my bike back to my house. Then, on Friday I had to go perform at Roger Rockas. I am in the Junior Company there. My best friend is also in it with me. On Saturday, I slept in until 11:30, and then went to my friend's birthday party. He is turning 11 today. After that I had another show, and Mallory (my bestie) spent the night over at my house. On Sunday, I had two shows. I had a lot of fun and I'm glad to be at school, finally.
       I really had a lot of fun over the break, and I know that this thanksgiving was a great one, and I hope all of them can be as good or better as this one.

Hi my name is Mariah Lee. I'm a freshman at Rover High. I'm 15 years old, and about 5'2". I really like to sing and perform. My parents are dead, and I live with my grandparents. I never knew my dad, but I did know my mom. She was a great lady. She was a very smart woman, and  she always expressed her feelings. I know how she died, but I would prefer we don't talk about it. 
      I am a good dancer, and a good singer, and I also play soccer. You see, my grandfather was a professional soccer player. So I have to play. I have been voted MVP every year since I was 3. I play forward and goalie. If I could, I would quit soccer and continue to perform, but I could never let my grandpa down. My grandpa is 86 years old, and he has cancer. He stays in intensive care, and I visit him sometimes. I really like to visit him, but I have to get myself there. My grandma has tuberculosis and she can't leave the house. I have missed countless auditions and performances to take care of her. I don't regret it, because I love my grandma very much. Well, at least I have someone to take care of ME. 
       At school I'm not popular, and I never have been in a school play, because I don't want to be infront of everybody. I do perform a lot outside of school, and I hope and pray no one from school ever comes to see me.         
If I was in China,  I would prefer to have one ruler instead of more than one. I think that it would be best to have one, becauseif you have many other rulers, and they are all spread out, communication could be difficult. If there is a lack of communication in an empire, the empire witll not last that long.No one would be educated, treated, or spoken to. You probably wouldn't be  following the same laws. 
       Also, if there is no communication, different parts of the empire could be learning different languages, or just having a different lifestyle. A empire that is unified is the strongest. No empire that has had different sections has ever lasted. So if I was there, I would definitely prefer to have one overall ruler, for the sake of strength, language, and law. This is a MUCH better decision, in my opinion. 

A few weeks ago in leadership, we started to work on the rally. The games are new, and they are all different. We almost have all of the posters done, but we still have to do a few before Friday. I think we will be able to get them done. I have only made two posters, but I can make another today. The rally's theme is "Battle of the Sexes" It is supposed to be girls VS boys, but we have to do 7th Vs 8th still. I think that the rally could have been planned better, but it wasnt. I think that more people should have been working on it.
       At the rally we are introducing this season's sports, and the dance team. The games seem fun, but they haven't tested them all out yet. One game is Scootervillle, where someone has to push someone else around on a scooter. I think that will be appealing to kids. Also, there is a game that you have to lift a toothbrush out of a cup with the bill of a hat. This rally will be fun, and increase everyone's spirit.

Today in math, we continued a test, for the third day in a row. This time, however, we got to work with our partners! The math test was already corrected, and we were correcting our answers. I had only 12/26. My partner had 9/26. We worked on our test until the period was done, and I know that I got more right, now that I corrected those ones. At the end of the period, Ms. Pope told us that we could take them home and finish them. I am so happy that she is my math teacher. Well, that's all. Toodles! 
       In French, we hd to write a pen pal letter to a French student at Edison. I got a girl named Julissa. I typed up my letter, and it was really fun. We had to say stuff like Tu as quel age? Which means How old are you? I asked things like, "Tu aimes le danse" which means "Do you like to dance?". I told Julissa stuff Iiked by saying, "J'aime le danse, or J'aime regarder le tele. That means I like to watch TV.
       I think this will help me read, and write in french. I really like my French class, I like to see the difference in language, culture, and media. The way they do things over there is much simpler, I think. Also,  the economy suits everyone so much better there. Did you know that college is free? Well, on that note, Au Revoir! (Goodbye!)


       This week, we were assigned a new project. We have to make an edible cell. I really think that we are going to get a good grade on this project. We have the list of things that we need to bring, and we all have an almost equal amount of stuff to buy. We are going to make the cell out of rice krispie treats. I think this is going to make or break my grade in science. So I hope that everyone does what they need to do for our project.
       I  finally understand the functions of the cell, and I know that this will be a good learning experience, now that I can understand what I am working on. The edible cell project has made Chapter 2 SO much more interesting. This lesson has been hard in the beginning, but is finally shaping up in the end. It was hard in the beginning, because I didn't study, but after I did, the concept was much clearer.   

Yesterday, in core. We did a simulation. The simulation was to show the trade between the Wangarans, and the North Africans. They had to trade in Ghanda, because they didn't speak the same language, and the Queen of Ghanda spoke both. We were set up like the land actually was. I was a Wangaran. To trade with the North Africans, we had to cross the Niger River, which was actually just  a piece of blue paper on the ground. The other side had to climb over the Atlas mountains (desks) and cross the desert, (yellow paper)
    I liked this simulation, because it gave me a better understanding of the trade between those two peoples. I am looking forward to the next simulation. Odabo!!!